290 g | 179,95 € incl. VAT

343 g | 74,95 € incl. VAT

440 g | 99,95 € incl. VAT

Whether large or small feet, trail connoisseur or full on DH Racer, we provide the perfect pedal for every style of riding.


The skeleton of all our pedals is formed by a combination of an extra long plain bearing with our established ACROS stainless steel industrial ball bearings which ensure that for you, squeaky pedals are only known by story.


A custom-fit seal provides reliable protection from the elements and ensures a long service life in any type of application. The thin, beveled pedal body allows you to attack the next rock garden without the fear of being caught by a stone or root.



We have invested quite a lot of time in the arrangement of our grippy steel pins instead of just screwing in as many as possible. The result supports you with superior grip but also enough flexibility to drift “foot out, flat out” through the next corner without flying blind on the subsequent meters of trail while you are busy rearranging your feet.


Three different models offer you the opportunity to choose a pedal optimally according to your preference: XL with an extra-large footprint for maximum control, SL in combination with a titan axle for weight fetishists or MD for all areas, from chilled all-mountain rides to full throttle enduro action.






No regular maintenace is necessary due to the high grade R2-rubber lip seal which protects our pedals are very well from water and mud.
Replacement pins can be purchased through our online store.



ACROS nineteen FR Freeride Naben HR schwarz
ACROS nineteen ED Enduro Naben HR schwarz