New Components for our beloved bikes always contain plenty of lively discussions among our riding buddies. Everyone possesses at least one opinion on a new fork, more powerful brakes or the latest drive train whereat they mostly couldn’t differ more. An exception are the little inconspicuous parts, most of us haven’t spend a minute of thinking until they break on the much desired after work ride or while crossing the alps.

Headseats are these kinds of parts and here at ACROS we kept ourselves busy with them for over fifteen years now. Being the subsidiary company of a bearing manufacturer enables us to transfer our particular knowledge developing Headseats that won’t let you down.Our high-grade stainless steel bearings hinder the manufacturing process but compensate with an outstanding durability that sets the standard in the “aftermarket” field for years now.

Optimized seals protect the precious internals during the rough daily routine of a bike and prevent water and dust from destroying the bearings, while specially designed bearing grease ensures a stable lubrication specifically under low revolutions and high weights. This combination guarantees you a prime and secure performance, no matter what conditions you’re out shredding the trails.

Steady advancement is an important part of our philosophy which we impressively demonstrate with our new “Fiber Technology”, featuring a bearing cup and a headset cover made from a fiber reinforced high-tech polymer.

A drastically improved bearing durability leading from an increased shock damping together with an intelligent two component sealing technology and a weight reduction up to 30% impressively illustrate the potential our new technology possesses.

For future times we will give all we have to offer you high quality products you can rely on, because often it is the little things that make a big difference.










ACROS exclusively uses plastic centering rings since they possess the ability to float, unlike metal conical centering rings. This enables them to absorb impacts and therefore increase the bearings life expectancy. Replacement rings are available under shop.acros.de/ersatzteile/steuersatz
Please attempt to lift it carefully in little steps with a screwdriver. The best starting point for this procedure is the slot. If nevertheless the plastic ring breaks, please refer to FAQ number one.
Our patented “the clamp” system enables you to adjust your headset free of clearance without any claws or screws and therefore suits perfectly for carbon forks. Initially you have to fasten the stem, before you can tense up two rings, connected by a lifting arch, with a stud screw. The displacement of these two rings adjusts the clearance of your headset.
First of all fasten the M6x30 screw above the stem, and check if the clearance is still present. If your problem remains, try to locate whether the clearance derives from the upper or lower part of your headset. Lower part: Please check if a disproportionate gap exists between the lower part of your headset and the cone installed to your fork. The black or red sealing attached to the cone should rest lightly on the bearing shell. Assure yourself that your fork’s shaft is face milled and that the cone rests flat. If none of the above mentioned points applies, please send us the lower part of your headset, including the cone. Normally our revise should not exceed 2-3 workdays. Upper part (“standard”): Please measure the outer diameter of your fork shaft with a calibrated vernier caliper. If it exhibits undersize, ACROS provides oversize center rings . Upper part (“block lock”): Check if a gap between pin ring and threaded ring persists. If not, please continue with FAQ 5.
Please note our simplified installation guide which is deposited under “downloads” on acros.de If our guideline doesn’t enable you to install you our “the clamp” headset without clearance, please send pin and threaded ring back to us.
ACROS offers you the special “BlockLock”-Headset, which features a damped with elastomers end stop in the upper headset cup. This system guarantees a shapely look combined with functionality that protects your frame. An installation guide and a simplified technical illustration can be found under “downloads”.