We like to offer you the opportunity to supplement our established ACROS headsets with appropriate stems, handlebars and grips, giving you an absolutely reliable overall package that encourages you to attack the next descent with a good conscience.

To avoid jumping across the deep end, we teamed up with an experienced German carbon professional who helps us to manufacture our handlebar for 100% in Germany. This was essential for us since the conditions of production in Asia, unfortunately, do not satisfy our requirements for fair working conditions and environmental protection at all. Moreover this assures you to receive a handlebar in common consistently high ACROS Quality.


A so-called “in-mould-stack-up” ensures precise positioning of the fiber and thus enables a build up as required by the load: upper and lower part of the handlebar are particularly rugged due to unidirectional reinforcements, the reduced wall thickness of the lateral area provides a significant weight reduction. This results, together with the 35mm clamp diameter, in an unbeatable combination of low weight and high stability.

Certainly a customer should always be skeptical if a manufacturer makes promises about their own products. To reply these doubts we entrusted our handlebar to the renowned “Zedler” testing institute where it mastered the toughest “multi load MTB” test with excellent results.


Lenker Schnitt Cockpit

You prefer investing your hard earned money in number plates, bikepark entries or you are just a bit concerned about new materials in critical devices such as handlebars? Don’ worry, we surely offer you a high performance aluminum bar. Proven dimensions are complemented by a modern 35mm clamping to push the stability upward and the weight down. Whereas our acquainted ACROS quality is mandatory, the color decision is up to you: All classic “Popular” design, minimalistic clean “Gothic” style or “Bizarre” colorful as a special eye catcher, it’s up to you.
Our handlebars are perfectly complemented by our stem which surely holds the bar tighter than you, no matter how steep the descent is. The innovative 35mm clamping serves with a noticeably better steering feel and the large clamping area distributes pressure more evenly, protecting sensitive carbon handlebars from damage. A length range from 50 to 90mm and two possible color options enable you to customize your cockpit to your needs and preferences.

Aluminium Bar Lenker Paar