ACROS bottom brackets differ in some points from bottom brackets of other competitors. On the one hand, the material of the ball bearings is to be named: we only use stainless steel, which is expensive to process, but it scores with a significantly increased service life. On the other hand, ACROS has been focusing on the use of angular ball bearings for years. These may include the combined axial and radial forces, e.g. Are much better absorbed than an ordinary grooved ball bearing. A special bearing grease completes a good industrial ball bearing. For this reason, we have developed a special high-performance grease together with a leading company from the lubrication industry, adapted to the requirements of a bicycle ride. This ensures a stable lubrication film at high loads and "low" speeds, as well as highly water-repellent and high resistance to leaching. This is our understanding of quality and not infrequently we get the feedback from customers that an ACROS bottom bracket exceeds the life of a competitor product by 3-4 times.


Infomationen MANUAL A-BB BSA


Infomationen MANUAL A-BB 30R


ACROS bottom brackets generally only match with HollowTech 2 systems. We guarantee a smooth installation for the following cranks: FSA-Mega Exo Series (until 2009), Shimano and Race Face. Please note that the often provided clamping screw does not necessarily fit on all cranks. More information on this topic can be found on our technical PDF for ABB.
In this case please use the provided 1mm spacer for the crank axle and install them as explained in the instructions. If you still can’t get your crankset properly installed please contact us via e-Mail – – and we will attempt our best to help you.
Please note that bottom brackets are exposed to heavy loads, dirt and water. It is impossible to avoid smallest dirt particles from entering and scratching the inner bearing surfaces. If you don’t feel the roughness while riding, we ensure you the care-less and established ACROS mileage. If you however feel limitations while riding your bike, do not hesitate to send the bottom bracket back to us so we can supply you an appropriate replacement.
This sleeves task is to prevent the bearings from water entering through the frame and to additionally seal them from the inside. During installation, pay attention to a correct fit of the sleeve seals (O-rings). For this purpose it is advisable to install the sleeve together with the second bottom bracket shell.
From time to time it is recommended to pull of the crank and apply some grease in between the plastic cover and the ball bearings. Please do not disassemble the ball bearings itself.
Creaking is usually a sign of fat-free installed components. Dismount the bottom bracket housings, apply grease on the screw threads of the bottom bracket and the bottom bracket shells and reassemble it. Normally the noise should be eliminated. If not please contact us, or by phone.