//Even better? Yes! NEW Sealing Technologies for 2017


We are constantly improving our products to resist the growing environmental influences such as high-pressure washing stations and aggressive bike cleaners. Therefore from 2017 headsets and bottom brackets will be upgraded with especially tough sealing technologies in places where it matters the most.




New for the year 2017 is a sturdy vulcanized seal bonded to the compression ring and the base plate as an additional and first barrier against water and dirt.




In addition to the new vulcanized seal on the compression ring and the base plate, the sealing discs of the bearings now have a special v-groove double split lip (V-LIP). Furthermore, the V-LIP is recessed in a fine polished groove, which significantly increases the sealing effect once again.




Old! Competitors Bearing

NEW !!! ACROS Bearing Technology

1. High quality industrial standard bearing steel
2. Super smooth polished finish
3. V-groove double split lip sealing keeps out all dust and water
4. super water resitant grease with a stable lubricating film even under a heavy load
5. New compression ring already comes with an integrated sealing as the first water barrier

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